Update on More New Testament Apocrypha, vol. 2

The first volume of New Testament Apocrypha: More Noncanonical Scriptures (co-edited with Brent Landau) was published just over a year ago. Even before the book went to press, we were planning the contents of volume 2, and included a preliminary list of its contents at the end of the introduction. There have been some changes to that list, even some changes to the names given to the texts, and I present the (hopefully) finalized table of contents below. All of the contributors are making a final push at submitting their work over the next few months and we are on track for sending the manuscript to the publisher at the end of the summer. There are 38 texts in total, at least four never before published, about ten translated for the first time in a modern language, and many of the remainder appearing in English for the first time. Of particular interest are a group of texts relating to the birth and martyrdom of John the Baptist and a selection of apocryphal apocalypses of John.

Pseudo-Eusebius of Caesarea, On the Star by Brent Landau

The Adoration of the Magi by Adam McCollum

The Rebellion of Dimas by Mark Glenn Bilby

The Hospitality and Perfume of the Bandit by Mark Glenn Bilby

A Homily on the Life of Jesus by Timothy Pettipiece

Severian of Gabala, An Encomium on the Apostles by Alin Suciu

The Book of the Rooster by Pierluigi Piovanelli

Pseudo-Evodius, On the Passion and Resurrection, by Dylan M. Burns

The Healing of Tiberias by Zbigniew Izydorczyk

The Decapitation of John the Baptist by Tony Burke

The Birth of John the Baptist by Tony Burke

The Martyrdom of Zechariah by Tony Burke and Sarah Veale

The Invention of John the Baptist’s Head by Paul Dilley

The Story of Joseph of Arimathea by Bradley Rice

The Life of Judas by Brandon Hawk and Mari Mamyan

The Life of Mary Magdalene by Christine Luckritz-Marquis

The Epistle of James to Quadratus by Brent Landau (University of Texas at Austin) and Bradley Rice (McGill University)

The Catechesis of Ps.-Basil of Caesarea/Letter of Luke by Paul Dilley

The Epistle of Pelagius by Adam McCollum

The Acts of Andrew and Philemon by Ivan Miroshnikov

The Acts of John in the City of Rome by Janet Spittler

The Acts of Nereus and Achilleus by Richard Pervo

The Act of Peter in Ashdod by Cambry Pardee

The Preaching of Peter in the City of Rome by James Walters

The Voyages of Peter by James Walters

The Exhortation of the Apostle Peter by James Walters

The History of Philip in the City of Carthage by Robert A. Kitchen

The Minor Acts of Thomas by Jonathan Holste and Janet Spittler

1 Apocryphal Apocalypse of John by Rick Brannan

The Apocalypse of John Chrysostom (2 Apocryphal Apocalypse of John)  by Jeannie Sellick, Rebecca Draughon, and Janet Spittler

The Questions of James to John (3 Apocryphal Apocalypse of John) by Kate Gibbons

4 Apocryphal Apocalypse of John by Chance Bonar

Dialogue between the Redeemer and John by Philip Tite

The Mysteries of John by Hugo Lundhaug

The Investiture of Gabriel by Lance Jennott

The Investiture of Michael by Lloyd Abercrombie and Hugo Lundhaug

The Revelation of Thomas by Matthias Geigenfeind

The Teaching of the Apostles by Witold Witakowski


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