CCSA 17: The Infancy Gospel of Thomas (Update)

Well, the abstract of my forthcoming edition of the Greek tradition of the Infancy Gospel of Thomas is back up on the Brepols page (HERE). The proofing stage of the project has taken a considerable amount of time, thus delaying the publication by a year. But, good news: I will receive the final proofs imminently and Brepols wish to have the book out in March (yes, 2011).Which means I won't be getting much sleep in the next few weeks as I check over the text again and generate indices. I hope everyone has their 300 Euros ready for the purchase.

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2 Responses to CCSA 17: The Infancy Gospel of Thomas (Update)

  1. Phil H. says:

    Glad to hear it, Tony. Congrats!

  2. Ryan says:

    Finally!!! This is good news Tony.

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