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2007 Christian Apocrypha Workshop Canceled

The CA Workshop previously discussed HERE has been canceled. The reason is purely financial: SSHRC decided not to fund the event.

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Christian Apocrypha at the 2007 SBL Meeting

The Annual Meeting of the Society of Biblical Literature is fast approaching (Nov. 17-20). The Program has been posted on-line and several bloggers have been drawing attention to particular sessions (see The Forbidden Gospels on the Gospel of Judas papers). … Continue reading

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Technology and the Book

While we're on the topic of technology and manuscripts, take a look at this video currently making the rounds on the internet (sorry, I don't know how to embed the video in this post). It is a skit from a … Continue reading

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Deciphering Christian Apocrypha Palimpsests

Recently I finished reading Reviel Netz’s and William Noel’s The Archimedes Codex: Revealing the Secrets of the World’s Greatest Palimpsest. The book details the acquisition of a thirteenth-century Christian prayer book that contains, as its underwriting, several works by the … Continue reading

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Top Ten Faulty Arguments in Anti-Apocrypha Apologetics (Part 2)

Several weeks ago I posted the first five of ten concerns I have about the treatment of Christian Apocrypha in recent apologetic books, books principally aimed at combating the popularity of The Da Vinci Code. Happily, that first post led … Continue reading

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