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More Anti-CA Apologetic: Reinventing Jesus

Though the furor over The Da Vinci Code has died down, books refuting its claims about the Christian Apocrypha continue to be published. One of the most recent of these is Reinventing Jesus: How Contemporary Skeptics Miss the Real Jesus … Continue reading

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Réunion annuelle de l’AELAC 2007

The program for this year’s réunion annuelle de l’AELAC (Association pour l’étude de la littérature apocryphe chrétienne) taking place June 28-30 has been posted on the association’s web site. You can access it HERE.

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A New “Critical Translation” of the Infancy Gospel of Thomas

I have added to my Infancy Gospel of Thomas page a critical translation of the gospel. As I state in the introduction to the text, the translation is based primarily on the best of our Greek manuscripts (Cod. Sabaiticus 259 … Continue reading

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Anne Rice’s Christ the Lord to Become a Film

In Fall 2008 moviegoers will be able to see a film adaptation of Anne Rice’s Christ the Lord: Out of Egypt (read the press release HERE). I read the book soon after its release and made some notes on its … Continue reading

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