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Apocrypha Links Updated

The New Testament Apocrypha section of my main site has been updated–specifically, the Internet Resources section has been expanded to include more sites and features better descriptions of the sites' content. If you know of a worthy site that … Continue reading

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Review: Infancy Gospel Synopsis

As visitors to my main web site know, my principle area of study is the Infancy Gospel of Thomas (IGT). So it was with some excitement that I heard of J.K. Elliott’s A Synopsis of Apocryphal Nativity and Infancy Narratives … Continue reading

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The Gospel of Mary and Ferrara’s Mary

Why should Jesus be the subject of all the movies? Director Abel Ferrara has done for Mary what Denys Arcand did for Jesus in Jesus of Montreal in his film-within-a-film about Mary Magdalene. The Toronto Film Festival synopsis describes the … Continue reading

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The Nativity Story: A Modern Apocryphon?

The Catholic News Service has posted a review (with a detailed synopsis) of The Nativity Story. It is striking that, despite the many changes made here to the canonical versions of the story (including a number of references that foreshadow … Continue reading

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Apocrypha at SBL 2006

As I write this some of our colleagues are enjoying themselves in Washington for the 2006 Annual Meeting of the Society of Biblical Literature. Why am I not with them? I have skipped the SBL for several years now under … Continue reading

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Blog Problems

Ah, the joys and frustrations of blogging. As those of you who have been attempting to add comments to posts on Apocryphicity already know, the blog has been experiencing some technical difficulties. These problems should now be resolved. I have … Continue reading

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Another Apocrypha Blog

From Phil Harland's Religions of the Ancient Mediterranean Blog: Phil S. of hyperekperisou is proposing and starting up an ongoing blog carnival on patristics (the Church Fathers) and other aspects of Christianity in the second, third, and following centuries (including … Continue reading

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Secret Gospel of Mark: The Forgery Debate Continues

Stephen Carlson on his blog Hypotyposeis has noted two recent printed works on the Secret Gospel of Mark. The first is a review of Carlson’s book by Bruce Chilton for the New York Sun. The second is an article from … Continue reading

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New Gospel of Judas book

The Charlotte Observer interviews Bart Ehrman on his new book (released just this last week), The Lost Gospel of Judas Iscariot: A New Look at Betrayer and Betrayed at

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Art and the Christian Apocrypha

Still sifting through the old news… Read an article from the National Catholic Reporter called “Art Draws on Gospels the Church Rejects” at

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The Nativity Story

This may be old news to many but…December 1 marks the release date of The Nativity Story, a film about…well, you know. What is of interest to CA scholars about the film is its use of traditions that can be … Continue reading

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A Tale of Two Conferences Redux

A few days ago I posted a brief summary of two events I attended in September and October. Looking back at what I wrote, it seemed to me that some clarification about the events was in order. First, they are … Continue reading

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The Demiurge Wears Prada

Phil Harland of York University (and administrator of the Religions of the Ancient Mediterranean blog) passed along this link to a Prada perfume ad which includes a recitation of the Gnostic writing “Thunder Perfect Mind”:  

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On-Line CA Dissertations

Peter Dunn suggested at the Ottawa Conference that it would be helpful to have a database of links to on-line doctoral dissertations on the CA. In response, I have dedicated a section of my web site to such a database … Continue reading

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A Tale of Two Conferences

In September and October I had the pleasure and the privilege of attending two CA-related conferences. The first, a workshop at the University of Ottawa dedicated solely to the CA and attended by prominent North American CA scholars, has been … Continue reading

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