Association pour l’étude de la littérature apocryphe chrétienne (AELAC)

This is the home page for l’AELAC, an academic association based in Switzerland and France dedicated to the publication of finely-crafted critical editions of Old and New Testament Apocrypha. Among other features, this site contains a bibliography of recent work by association members, and a list of articles published in the first ten volumes of its journal Apocrypha.

The Christian Apocrypha Section of the Society of Biblical Literature

Features the list of the section's executive, call for papers, program details, and reports.

The Gnostic Friends Network

One of the more bizarre sites out there dedicated to Gnosticism. Of particular interest on this site is the Gnostic Gear (warning: some images may offend) and the Network’s own theme song.

The Gnostic Society

A site dedicated to modern Gnostic spirituality but features also an Archive of literature, including the Nag Hammadi Library, other Gnostic-related literature (e.g., the texts from the Bruce and Askew codices, patristic citations of Gnostic thinkers), and a variety of other non-canonical Christian texts.

The Westar Institute

The Westar Institute, home to the Jesus Seminar, provides information on their publishing efforts (including CA related works) and access to select articles from their journal The Fourth R, which, among other things, published new, color photographs of the Secret Mark manuscript in 2000.

Canadian Society of Biblical Studies (Christian Apocrypha Sessions)