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Rethinking Canon: Michael J. Kruger’s “Self-Authenticating Canon”

As mentioned in my previous post, I will be appearing at University of Toronto on Monday as part of a series led by their Seminar for Culture and Religion in Antiquity. The title of the paper is, "What Do We … Continue reading

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Re-imagining Canon in the Twenty-first Century: SRCA Talk February 10

I have been invited to speak at the University of Toronto at their Seminar for Culture and Religion in Antiquity. My current research interest is the formation of the New Testament and the resulting categorization of Christian writings as either … Continue reading

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More from Philip Jenkins on Irish Apocrypha

"The Three Wise Druids" at Patheos (brought to my attention by Paleojudaica). With a nice shout-out to the work of Martin McNamara (editor of the CCSA editions of the Irish Apocrypha) and others: Successive conquests and cultural changes have taken … Continue reading

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New blog: Michael J. Kruger’s “Canon Fodder”

The list of biblio-bloggers has a new entry: Canon Fodder by Michael J. Kruger, co-author of the The Heresy of Orthodoxy (discussed HERE) and, most recently, Canon Revisited: Establishing the Origins and Authority of the New Testament Books. Readers of … Continue reading

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Recommended Reading: Forgotten Scriptures

Acadia Divinity College's Lee Martin MacDonald, author of The Biblical Canon: Its Origin, Transmission, and Authority (1995; 2nd ed. Hendrickson, 2007) and co-editor of The Canon Debate (Hendrickson 2002), has recently released Forgotten Scriptures: The Selection and Rejection of Early … Continue reading

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A New Fragment of Athaniasius’s Thirty-Ninth Festal Letter

James Hamilton (of the "For His Renown" blog) has posted a discussion of David Brakke's article from Harvard Theological Review (“A New Fragment of Athanasius’s 39th Festal Letter: Heresy, Apocrypha, and the Canon.”  Harvard Theological Review 103 [2010]: 47-66) in … Continue reading

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