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SBL Diary Day Three: The Birth of ACTA

Day 3: November 24 The last of four Christian Apocrypha sessions began at 9 am. This was another “open” session, without any particular guiding theme, though we gave it the title “The Cultural Context(s) of the Christian Apocrypha.” The first … Continue reading

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Christian Apocrypha at Christmas

Here is a roundup of the recent popular-media articles on Christian Apocrypha and their influence on the Christmas story: “Was Baby Jesus a Holy Terror?” by Candida Moss (The Daily Beast). “The Woman Missing From Your Nativity Set” by Douglas … Continue reading

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New Testament Apocrypha Course: Reflections on Week 11

My New Testament Apocrypha course finished up a few weeks ago with a class focusing on two aims: a look at anti-gospels (i.e., texts written by non-Christians for non-Christians to either lampoon or criticize Christianity, or to recast Jesus for … Continue reading

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2014 SBL Diary Day Two: Planning for 2015

(With apologies for the protracted delay in posting. End-of-term marking and meetings are really cramping my style.) Day 2: November 23 The second day of the annual meeting was somewhat lighter for me than the first. I began the day … Continue reading

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2014 SBL Diary Day One: Writing Christian Apocrypha for Popular Audiences

I realize the internet and blogging is all about immediacy, but intermittent Wifi access at the SBL sites, my own desire to extend my trip to San Diego, and end-of-term teaching obligations has meant a lengthy delay in posting anything … Continue reading

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Call for Papers Extended: 19th International Conference of Ethiopian Studies

Via Timothy Sailors: As part of the 19th International Conference of Ethiopian Studies, to be held from 24-28 August, 2015, at the University of Warsaw, Poland, a panel on ‘Early Christian Literature Preserved in Classical Ethiopic (Ge’ez)’ is being organized … Continue reading

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