2014 New Testament Apocrypha Course

I have posted my syllabus for this Fall's course on the New Testament Apocrypha (yes, yes, I know "NTA" is not the term I should be using anymore, but prospective students understand it better than "Christian Apocrypha"). This is my fourth time teaching the course. The syllabus is posted on my parent site (HERE).

New this year is the adoption of my book Secret Scriptures Revealed as the course's primary text. I previously used Klauck's Apocryphal Gospels: An Introduction, which is an excellent book, but it is somewhat expensive and in the past the York bookstore has had difficulty ordering enough copies for the class. I have also used Ehrman's Lost Christianities and Lost Scriptures; I am retaining Lost Scriptures for the primary literature, but there are plenty of other texts read in the course not included in Ehrman. The students will also read and review The Heresy of Orthodoxy by Andreas J. Köstenberger and Michael J. Kruger. Since my approach and the approach of most Christian Apocrypha scholars is rather "liberal," I like to balance the course with a look at the "conservative" perspective on the material and scholarship in the field. In previous years I have used Darrell Bock's The Missing Gospels.

I will blog every week on the progress of the class. Perhaps some of the students will make their presence known too.

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