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Larry Hurtado on Bible Hunters Episode 2

VIA LARRY HURTADO'S BLOG: Larry comments on the second episode of BBC's The Bible Hunters (HERE). This episode focuses on discoveries of apocryphal texts (the Nag Hammadi Library and Oxyhrynchus). I'll make some comments on it as soon as I … Continue reading

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Returning to the Funeral of Jesus

Several years ago I came across a text described in a manuscript catalog as “On the Funeral of Jesus.” I worked up an edition and translation of the text for the 2010 workshop in Winnipeg on Acta Pilati traditions. At … Continue reading

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Brandon Hawk Reviews Secret Scriptures Revealed

Brandon Hawk, a student working on Anglo-Saxon apocrypha at the University of Connecticut, has posted to his blog this excellent review of my book Secret Scriptures Revealed (excellent because it's so positive!). Thanks Brandon.

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Larry Hurtado comments on BBC’s “Bible Hunters”

VIA LARRY HURTADO'S BLOG: Larry Hurtado is among the scholars interviewed for BBC's two-part series "Bible Hunters." He offers some reflections on the first episode HERE. The home page for the series at BBC includes two clips from the first … Continue reading

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Library of the Deir al-Surian in the News

VIA Paleojudaica: Egypt's Mysterious Monastery Hides Ancient Secrets by Teresa Levonian Cole in Spear's Magazine (made available here via AINA. Among the many finds at Deir al-Surian (the Monastery of the Syrians) is the earliest manuscript witness to the Infancy … Continue reading

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2014 Réunion de l’AELAC

The 2014 réunion de l'AELAC will take place August 29-31 at the Centre culturel Saint Thomas in Strasbourg. Traditionally (indeed for over 25 years) the réunion has taken place at Mont Roland in Dole. But the centre has closed its … Continue reading

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News on the Gospel of Jesus’ Wife

VIA LARRY HURTADO: "Jesus' Wife" Fragment: Latest Developments Rumour has it that the ink is not modern. Of course, this won't silence those who want it to be a forgery.

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Rethinking Canon: Michael J. Kruger’s “Self-Authenticating Canon”

As mentioned in my previous post, I will be appearing at University of Toronto on Monday as part of a series led by their Seminar for Culture and Religion in Antiquity. The title of the paper is, "What Do We … Continue reading

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