Apocrypha (Journal) vol. 23

Volume 23 of the journal Apocrypha is now available. The volume contains:

Els Rose, “Virtutes apostolorum: Editorial Problems and Principles”

Maximilian Diesenberger, “Reworking the Virtutes apostolorum in the Salzburg Sermon-Collection (1st quarter of the ninth century)”

Marieke van Acker,  A (Socio)linguistic Approach to Hagiographic Text Transmission: the Torino Collection Biblioteca Nazionale D.v.3. (8th/9th c.)”

Rémi Gounelle, “Editing a Fluid and Unstable Text: The Example of the Acts of Pilate (or Gospel of Nicodemus)”

Zbigniew Izydorczyk, “On the Evangelium Nicodemi before Print: Towards a New Edition”

Rota Beyers, “The Transmission of Marian Apocrypha in the Latin Middle Ages”

Caitríona Ó Dochartaigh, “Homiletic Texts and the Transmission of Eschatological Apocrypha in a Medieval Irish Context”

Mariken Teeuwen, “The Digital Edition: New Possibilities and Challenges”

Jean-Marie Duchemin, “Un réexamen des notices de Théodore Bar Konaï sur les mandéens”

André Gagné, “Jésus, la lumière et le Père vivant. Principe de gémellité dans l’Évangile selon Thomas”

Tedros Abraha, “Some Philological Notes on the Mäúéüäfä ‘Éräfétä läMaryam ‘Liber Requiei’”


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