More Christian Apocrypha

The latest issue of the Bulletin for the Study of Religion (41.3) features my article on the More Christian Apocrypha Project. The abstract for the article provides some details about the project:

Scholars interested in the Christian Apocrypha (CA) typically appeal to CA collections when in need of primary sources. But many of these collections limit themselves to material believed to have been written within the first to fourth centuries CE. As a result a large amount of non-canonical Christian texts important for the study of ancient and medieval Christianity have been neglected. The More Christian Apocrypha Project will address this neglect by providing a collection of new editions (some for the first time) of these texts for English readers. The project is inspired by the More Old Testament Pseudepigrapha Project headed by Richard Bauckham and Jim Davila from the University of Edinburgh. Like the MOTP, the MCAP is envisioned as a supplement to an earlier collection of texts—in this case J. K. Elliott’s The Apocryphal New Testament (Oxford 1991), the most recent English-language CA collection (but now almost two decades old). The texts to be included are either absent in Elliott or require significant revision. Many of the texts have scarcely been examined in over a century and are in dire need of new examination. One of the goals of the project is to spotlight the abilities and achievements of English (i.e., British and North American) scholars of the CA, so that English readers have access to material that has achieved some exposure in French, German, and Italian collections.

The volumes will be published by Eerdmans, with the first going to press some time in 2013. Brent Landau (University of Oklahoma) is my co-editor for the project. For introductory information on the texts to be featured (or we hope to be featured) in the volumes, see my More Christian Apocrypha page.

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3 Responses to More Christian Apocrypha

  1. Jim Davila says:

    Thanks for the mention of MOTP, Tony, but we’re affiliated with St Andrews, not Edinburgh.

  2. Amy Smith says:

    Are we any further on when the volumes will be going to press/where we’ll be able to obtain such volumes?

  3. Tony says:

    It will be some time. Eerdmans is still working on the first volume of the Old Testament Pseudepigrapha, which is set for release in June. Our volume is at least a year away at this point.

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