Secret Mark Symposium Papers At Press

The proceedings for the York Symposium on the Secret Gospel of Mark have now been submitted to the press. The book is titled Ancient Gospel or Modern Forgery? The Secret Gospel of Mark in Debate and will be published by Cascade Books. Now we need to plan next year's event. Stay tuned. Here is the table of contents for the collection:

1. “Introduction,” by Tony Burke 

2. “Secret Mark: Moving on from Stalemate,” by Charles W. Hedrick

3. “Provenience: A Reply to Charles Hedrick,” by Bruce Chilton

4. “Morton Smith and the Secret Gospel of Mark: Exploring the Grounds for Doubt,” by Craig A. Evans

5. “Craig Evans and the Secret Gospel of Mark: Exploring the Grounds for Doubt,” by Scott G. Brown and Allan J. Pantuck

6. “Was Morton Smith the Bernie Madoff of the Academy?” by Hershel Shanks

7. “The Young Streaker in Secret and Canonical Mark,” by Marvin Meyer

8. “Halfway Between Sabbatai Tzevi and Aleister Crowley: Morton Smith’s “Own Concept of What Jesus ‘Must’ Have Been” and, Once Again, the Questions of Evidence and Motive,” by Pierluigi Piovanelli

9. “A Question of Ability: What Did He Know and When Did He Know It? Further Excavations from the Morton Smith Archives,” by Allan J. Pantuck

10. “Clement’s Mysteries and Morton Smith’s Magic,” by Peter Jeffery

11. “Behind the Seven Veils, I: The Gnostic Life Setting of the Mystic Gospel of Mark,” by Scott G. Brown

12. “The Secret Gospel of Mark in Debate: A Scholarly Q and A”


1: “Can the Academy Protect Itself from One of Its Own? The Case of Secret Mark,” by Stephen C. Carlson

2: The Letter to Theodore

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  1. Thanks Tony. Can’t wait to read “Sabbatai Tzevi and Aleister Crowley.” The rest is very interesting too.

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