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New Discussions of Secret Mark

Allan Pantuck has contributed another article (HERE) to the ongoing discussion on Secret Mark at the Biblical Archeology Review page. The article is a response to the handwriting analysis of Agamemnon Tselikas. Tselikas has, in turn, added a (rather weak) … Continue reading

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Craig Evans on Secret Mark

Craig Evans has a post on Secret Mark at the Bible and Interpretation. He mentions his involvement in the York Christian Apocrypha Symposium and summarizes several of the points of his paper (via Paleojudaica).

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Secret Mark and Hebrew Matthew

Roger Viklund and David Blocker have posted an article suggesting an interesting link between the Hebrew Gospel of Matthew incorporated in Even Bohan and the Secret Gospel of Mark.

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“Hoaxes” or Apocrypha?

Larry Hurtado has an interesting post on his blog entitled "Hoaxes From the Past (That Keep on Re-appearing)." He discusses briefly (essentially presenting an overview of the contents of Edgar J. Goodspeed's Famous Biblical Hoaxes, or, Modern Apocrypha) a number … Continue reading

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Bart Ehrman on “What Didn’t Make it into the Bible”

Mark Goodacre drew my attention this recent piece by Bart Ehrman in The Huffington Post.

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Solving the Mystery of the Gospel of Peter’s Talking Cross

Mark Goodacre presented a paper at last year's SBL with the provocative argument that the "cross that spoke" in the Gospel of Peter is an element that derives from a scribal misunderstanding of the nomen sacrum ΣΤΑ (thus reading "cross" … Continue reading

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