Secret Mark Symposium Memories

Marvin MeyerThe Secret Gospel of Mark Symposium took place yesterday, and all participants are now on their ways home on, hopefully uneventful flights (the tornadoes in the US led to some delays on Thursday). I'll need a few days to put together my thoughts about the event before posting something substantial here. Thank you to all those who participated and those who followed along with the planning stages no-line. There are additional photos on the York Christian Apocrypha facebook page.
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3 Responses to Secret Mark Symposium Memories

  1. Ted says:

    I really enjoyed the day. That was an impressive bunch up there.

  2. Phil H. says:

    Good times.

    (You’d think you were talking about highschool or something).

  3. Tony says:

    Ah, Phil, you’re just sore ‘cos I didn’t write something nice in your programme.

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