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A Judas Compendium

April DeConick at The Forbidden Gospels mentions a forthcoming book by Marvin Meyer on the full range of Judas traditions from early Christian writers. The book is due in November and is titled Judas: The Definitive Collection of Gospels and … Continue reading

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The Letter of Lentulus

Ben C. Smith has a brief post on the Letter of Lentulus over on Thoughts on Antiquity.

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Fragments, Agrapha, and Secret Mark

(I recently moved into a new house and have been without an internet connection at home for two weeks. So, I am a little behind on posting my usual post mortem of my New Testament Apocrypha class. Here is last … Continue reading

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Online Syriac Manuscript Catalogues

Roger Pearse at Thoughts on Antiquity drew my attention to recent additions of on-line manuscript catalogues to the Syriac Studies Reference Library. This information is very useful to those of us who study Syriac apocryph–myself included, as I continue my … Continue reading

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Online Greek Editions of Christian Apocrypha

Ben Smith at Thoughts on Antiquity pointed out the site Paracalypsis which features several Greek editions (some old) of CA texts (P. Oxy. 840, P. Egerton, Protevangelium of James, Gospel of the Ebionites, Gospel of Peter, Gospel of Thomas (in … Continue reading

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Old Georgian Palimpsest of Protevangelium of James

I discussed a few weeks ago the topic of palimpsests in CA studies. Anyone interested in the topic may want to see the recent publication J. Gippert, Palimpsest Codex Vindobonensis georgicus 2 (Monumenta Palaeographica Medii Aevi: Series Ibero et Caucasia. … Continue reading

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