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New Film on Jesus’ “Missing Years”

The Halo Effect promises to tell the story of Jesus’ life between the ages of 12 and 30, a stage in his life about which even the Christian Apocrypha are mostly silent. You can read about the film HERE but … Continue reading

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Vatican Library To Be Closed for Renovations

I just learned that the Vatican Library will be closed until 2010 for much-needed renovations. This article from BBC News describes how scholars are scrambling to finish their research before the Vatican Reading Room closes. The article states also that … Continue reading

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“Top Ten Faulty Arguments” Revisited

Several readers have added comments to my previous post on five “Faulty Arguments” about the Christian Apocrypha advanced by Christian apologists. Before I continue the discussion by adding the next five arguments, I’d like to offer a response to the … Continue reading

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Top Ten Faulty Arguments in anti-Apocrypha Apologetics (Part 1)

There has been talk lately on various blogs about certain conservative scholars (specifically, N. T. Wright) and the biases that influence their positions on events in the life of Jesus (specifically, the resurrection). I, too, have come again into contact … Continue reading

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Do Non-canonical Gospels Make You “Uneasy”?

April DeConick has begun a discussion on her Forbidden Gospels blog asking “Why do noncanonical texts make us uneasy?” (begin HERE). Of course this “us” would not include April and myself and at least some of our readers. We are … Continue reading

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