A New “Critical Translation” of the Infancy Gospel of Thomas

I have added to my Infancy Gospel of Thomas page a critical translation of the gospel. As I state in the introduction to the text, the translation is based primarily on the best of our Greek manuscripts (Cod. Sabaiticus 259 of the eleventh-century) with an eye to the early versions (Syriac, Old Latin, Georgian, and Ethiopic) which, though translations, appear to represent the text in an earlier form than all of the extant Greek manuscripts. Many of the chapters are is accompanied by illuminations from an Ambrosian manuscript (L 58 sup.) of the Gospel of Pseudo-Matthew.
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2 Responses to A New “Critical Translation” of the Infancy Gospel of Thomas

  1. John says:

    you havent given the url – so I cant click on what seems be an important development….

  2. Tony says:

    Click on “Infancy Gospel of Thomas” to take you there.

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