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Expository Times Christian Apocrypha Volume

Earlier this month April DeConick mentioned on her blog, the Forbidden Gospels, a series of articles from the Expository Times on apocryphal gospels. You can see her original post HERE. I mention this post now because, thanks to April, I … Continue reading

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Tchacos Codex Conference

April DeConick of Rice University (and administrator of the Forbidden Gospels blog) has announced a conference on the Tchacos Codex (the codex that features the Gospel of Judas) for March 2008. Read her post HERE.

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Manuscript Collating for Dummies

I have added to my homepage Collating for Dummies, a tongue-in-cheek guide to manuscript research that I created back in 2000 for a presentation on my graduate work (which involved preparing a critial edition of the Greek manuscripts of the … Continue reading

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New Developments in the Study of the Syriac Infancy Gospel of Thomas

As part of my efforts to unravel the complexities of the transmission history of the Infancy Gospel of Thomas, I have begun the process of collecting and collating the various Syriac manuscripts of the text. The Syriac tradition of IGT … Continue reading

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More Anti-Apocrypha Apologetic: Ben Witherington’s “What Have They Done With Jesus?”

One of my on-going research projects involves tracing how the CA are received by scholars and the general public. I have posted here before on some anti-CA apologetic books (including Craig Evans’ Fabricating Jesus, discussed HERE). I have just completed … Continue reading

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Tabloid Apocrypha

 A new section has been added to my home page on Tabloid Apocrypha. These are articles from the Sun that I have collected over the years that deal with real and not-so-real lost gospels. If anyone has others to share, … Continue reading

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