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Fox Special on “The Birth of Jesus”

Sigh. ‘Tis the season for TV specials on Jesus and now Fox has joined the fray with “The Birth of Jesus” to be broadcast Saturday December 23 at 3pm and December 25 at 11 am. According to the press release, … Continue reading

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Secret Lives of Jesus (again)

The National Geographic Channel’s “Secret Lives of Jesus” will be re-broadcast December 21 at 9pm. The NGC web site now has a page devoted to the show (see it HERE) with a clip showing a re-enactment of two episodes from … Continue reading

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Gospel of Judas opens old wounds

Special guest Pierluigi Piovanelli of the University of Ottawa offers the following discussion on the publishing of the Gospel of Judas: TCHACOS LIBRE! These days I am completing a collective review of the first publications on the Gospel of Judas, … Continue reading

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SBL Christian Apocrypha Section Call for Papers

Interested in presenting a paper for the Christian Apocrypha Section of the Society of Biblical Literature? The call for papers for the 2007 Annual Meeting in San Diego November 17-20, 2007 has been posted. Here are the details: Call For … Continue reading

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Carlson reviews Jeffery on Secret Mark

Stephen Carlson, author of the The Gospel Hoax: Morton Smith’s Invention of Secret Mark, has posted a review of Peter Jeffery’s The Secret Gospel of Mark Unveiled: Imagined Rituals of Sex, Death, and Madness in a Biblical Forgery.

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“The Gospel Truth” from US N&WR

The US News and World Report recently published an extensive article on the CA titled: “The Gospel Truth: Why some old books are stirring up a new debate about the meaning of Jesus.” You can read it here. The article … Continue reading

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Bruce Chilton writes on Secret Mark

Bruce Chilton contributed a length article to The New York Sun back in October focusing on the controversy over Secret Mark. The title is “Unmasking a False Gospel.” Here is an excerpt from the conclusion to the article:  No literature … Continue reading

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More on “The Secret Lives of Jesus”

Catholic On-line ( offers a brief review of the National Geographic Channel’s special “The Secret Lives of Jesus” to be aired December 7. Read the review here.

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The Lost Gospels on BBC4

Did anyone in the UK catch the program The Lost Gospels aired on BBC4 December 4? I have been trying in vain to find official information on the show but have only managed to find blog entries. Read one here … Continue reading

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Secret Lives of Jesus on National Geographic Channel

The National Geographic Channel will air a special on December 17 at 9 PM (Eastern) titled “The Secret Lives of Jesus”. A press release describes it as follows: More than 1,500 years ago, ancient writings were buried that offered alternative narratives … Continue reading

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The Pope Reads Apocryphal Thomas Texts

Back in September Pope Benedict XVI delivered a speech in which he stated that Thomas evangelized Syria and Persia, and then went on to western India, "from where Christianity also reached southern India."The statement angered Christians of southern India who … Continue reading

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Judas: Friend or Foe

Craig Evans of Acadia Divinity College in Nova Scotia is quoted in a recent article on the Gospel of Judas on the CBC web site. Evans here claims that the text was misinterprted by National Geographic’s editing and translation team. … Continue reading

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Patristics Carnival

Phil S., administrator of the hyperekperisou blog has posted his “Patristics Carnival”—essentially a summary of recent blog entries relating to Patristics. Apocryphicity is mentioned as is Jim Davilla’s excellent Paleojudaica blog.

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Where Mary Rested (Protoevangelium of James 17)

The Nov/Dec 2007 issue of Biblical Archeological Review features an article on the discovery of a church commemorating a scene from the Protoevangelium of James (“Where Mary Rested,” pp. 44-51). In chapter 17 of the text Joseph, Mary, and Joseph’s … Continue reading

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